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The Sammy Fund
"providing rewarding activities for children with limited opportunities"

  “Some people come into our lives,

leave footprints on our hearts,

 and we are never, ever the same.”

Samantha Otte

Samantha June Otte

January 6, 1990 - March 5, 2000


Memorial and Honorary Gifts

Memorial Gifts
Have you thought about The Sammy Fund as an organization to benefit from gifts in memory of a loved one – or in honor of family, friend, or co-worker?  Gifts in memory are made to recognize someone dear to the donor who has passed away and to celebrate his or her life and love of children.  What a beautiful way to honor a loved one’s (or your) special memories, by suggesting a memorial or tribute gift to The Sammy Fund.   The family of the deceased will receive notification of your thoughtful donation, and all donors will receive a personal letter of thanks from The Sammy Fund. 

Gifts in Honor
Celebrate a birthday, anniversary, holiday, or other special occasion with a gift to The Sammy Fund honoring your friend, family member, or co-worker. They will receive a personal letter from The Sammy Fund telling them that you have made a thoughtful gift in their name.

We would like to thank the families and loved ones of the following individuals, who have designated The Sammy Fund as a memorial for their loved ones.   We appreciate their generosity and the goodness it brings to underprivileged children in the Quincy, Illinois area.  What a beautiful way to honor their loved one's caring spirit and celebrate their love for children.

Memorial Gifts have been received to celebrate the lives of:

Margaret Barnes
Edgar W. Campbell
Janet DeVoss
Ruth Duesterhaus
Gilda Best Hight
Dick Hooper
Penny Lewis
Johanna Lightle
William Forbes Nissen
Eugene Valvo
Prudy Valvo
Joy R. Wellman
Lawrence E. Wood
Vera Zanger
Robbin Bumbry
Charles "Charlie" Otte, Sr.
Daniel W. Otte

Elizabeth “Betty” Otte
Carolyn Meckes

Gifts have been received in honor of:
Alexandra Adapa (birthday)
Gail & Louis DeGreeff  (wedding)
Alejandro Moreno (birthday)
Samantha Otte  (birthdays & holidays)
Charles "Charlie" Otte, Sr.
Cindy Spake (2012 Boston Marathon)
Kate (DeVoss) and Christian Wingerter (wedding)
Shirlee Schector (Birthday)

How to Give?
Donations may be mailed to The Sammy Fund, P.O. Box 3622, Quincy, IL   62305.  For more information, contact June Otte at 217-242-2917 or

The Sammy Fund, P.O. Box 3622, Quincy, IL 62305   Voice Mail ( 217)-242-1527


(All donations to the Samantha Otte Youth Opportunity Fund are subject to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the  Community Foundation, all of which provisions are hereby incorporated by reference).