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January 6, 2014-    Groups share in $22,000 distribution

December 18, 2013-DaVita Teammates Give Back to the Community

January 7, 2013-    Sammy Fund Grants Awarded to Area Groups

January 12, 2012-  Groups Accept $21,000 in Grants
                              Latest Distribution Brings Total to nearly
                              $197,000 since 2000

January 6, 2011-    Twelve organizations receive grants from fund
                              established in memory of Samantha Otte


January 6, 2010--   Sammy Fund grants top $150K


September 8, 2009--Craft Sale Reaches Out to the Young


August 7, 2009--      Plans announced for annual event to benefit
                               youth-oriented charities.

July 2009--              Swimming Lessons

January 6, 2009--     Grants totaling $21,500 issued to youth
                                oriented groups

November 20, 2008--Annual Sammy Fund event raised $47,726

August 3, 2008--       On the Street” Column, Quincy Herald-Whig

August 1, 2008--       Sammy Fund Honorary Chairmen introduced

January 25, 2008--    Sammy Fund Grants Given to Groups,

November 9, 2007--   Sammy Fund event raises record $41,000

October 19, 2007--     Sammy Fund Extends Reach Well Beyond Annual Event

July 19, 2007--           Plans Announced for annual Sammy Fund events

May 9, 2007--            Fashion Show to Benefit the Sammy Fund

April 30, 2007--         Fashion Show to Benefit the Sammy Fund

January 5, 2007--      Sammy Fund Awards $15,015

November 21, 2006-- Events, dates announced for 2006 Sammy

July 15, 2006--          Samantha Otte event raises record amount

January 6, 2006--      Youth programs receive $13,805 from Otte

November 23, 2005-- Sammy Fund event raises $36,100

September 12, 2005-- Sammy Event adds run, walk to lineup

July 14, 2005--          TNT Owners Tee up as Leaders of Sixth
                                 Annual Sammy Event

January 6, 2005--      Sammy Fund Distributes $16,885 in Grants

October 14, 2004--    Residents Turn Out for Annual Kids Benefit

September 26, 2004--Two Groups Sponsoring Adult/child
                                 Scramble-format Golf Tournament

July 7, 2004--            Growth of Sammy Event still amazes

January 6, 2004--      Family continues to keep Samantha Otte
                                 legacy alive

July 3, 2003--            Mentesti named to chair annual Sammy
                                 Event Fund-Raiser

January 6, 2003--      Sammy Fund grants $15,400 to projects
                                 helping area youths

July 9, 2002--            "This is helping young people."

January 5, 2002--      Otte memorial fund distributes $11,000

January 5, 2001--      Samantha Otte Fund donates $9000 to

September 16, 2000--Golf tourney to benefit "Sammy Fund"

August 2000--           Community Foundation fund honors
                                 Samantha Otte




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