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The Sammy Fund


    The Sammy Fund provides youth access to worthwhile activities in our community by opening doors to participation for children whose opportunities are limited. Founded in memory of Samantha Otte, the Fund insures the accessibility of programs that provide artistic, leadership and humanitarian opportunities for young people. Through funding and awareness-raising activities, the Sammy Fund increases opportunities for children, and increases the overall quality of life in our community, now and in the future.




To direct the energy of the people who loved Samantha towards fundraising and awareness building so that other youth will have opportunities to develop their skills, talents and abilities.


To insure that funds raised are prudently managed and distributed to organizations which provide artistic, leadership and humanitarian opportunities for youth.


To raise awareness and foster increased individual participation throughout our community in charitable acts and financial support of local organizations that enhance our quality of life, and, in particular, opportunities for young people.


The Samantha Otte Youth Opportunity Fund

    A primary vehicle for achieving the goals of the Sammy Fund is the Samantha Otte Youth Opportunity Fund established at the  Community Foundation. Contributions to the fund at the Community Foundation are tax deductible and receive professional investment management to achieve the best possible growth to maximize the good works that can be accomplished. Through our agreement with the Foundation, it distributes the funds in ways that perpetuate our mission.

July 15, 2000


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(All donations to the Samantha Otte Youth Opportunity Fund are subject to the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the  Community Foundation, all of which provisions are hereby incorporated by reference).