Samantha Otte's legacy...

providing life-enhancing opportunities for every child

Samantha Otte and her puppy
Sam's love and her...

exceptional spirit

If our lives are judged on how much we love and are loved, in just ten precious years, Sammy had a life well-lived.

The Sammy Fund

...providing rewarding activities for children with limited opportunities...

  • Children Riding Bikes


    The Sammy Fund group raised over $577,000 during its 15 years of active fundraising.

  • kids doing tricks in pool

    SF Grants

    The Sammy Fund has awarded over $39,000 in grants.

  • girls in woods

    CF Grants

    The Community Foundation Samantha Otte Youth Opportunity Fund has awarded over $435,000 to date.

Samantha Otte Butterfly

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