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She had a

joyful, irrepressible spirit

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Samantha Otte was only 10 years old when she died following a liver transplant necessitated by Cystic Fibrosis.  She was the only daughter of Chuck and June Otte and the cherished sister of her older brother Christopher.  She left behind many loving friends and family members.

In most ways Sammy was a typical little girl, in spite of numerous health problems.  She had a joyful, irrepressible spirit, and a delightfully zany sense of humor.   Sam loved to swim, ride her purple bike, roller skate, play the harp, and listen to the latest boy bands with her cousins and friends.

Sammy was a typically busy young girl with a wide variety of interests. She loved swimming, camping with her Girl Scout troop, hanging out with her friends, traveling with her family, collecting Beanie Babies and just about everything Disney, especially Winnie the Pooh.  From art classes to acting classes and theater performances, Sam wanted to do it all.  And on the days she felt well enough, she did!  With incredible enthusiasm and a wonderful sense of humor, Sammy added a certain spark to everything she participated in.  Sam had a wonderful “can-do attitude” and a smile that could melt your heart.

If our lives are judged on how much we love and are loved, in just 10 precious years Sammy had a life well-lived.  Sammy’s sudden death in March of 2000 left many friends and family members with a desire to honor her exceptional spirit.

As we reflect on Samantha's life, we struggle to focus on the wonderful gift from God which she was. We try now to focus not on our broken hearts, but on all the blessings given to Samantha, on all the blessings she gave to us, and on the many ways her life goes on making a positive difference for others. Through The Sammy Fund, Samantha's smiles continue to shine every year on the faces of thousands of area children. We are deeply grateful for this wonderful blessing and comfort!

Samantha and Tony
Samantha Otte and her friends
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